Zona Industriala Ocna Sibiului – ZIOS is a 51ha sized logistics and industrial area located in Ocna Sibiului. With a high range of installed utilities and just two steps off the international highway A1 ZIOS offers a great opportunity for any company in the logistics, manufacturing and industrial field to expand their business.

The Logistics and Industrial Area

Zona Industriala Ocna Sibiului offers a unique opportunity for local and foreign investors looking for an accessible and dynamic location with excellent infrastructure for a competitive price. The industrial area is located just 15 minutes outside of Sibiu City and has a total surface of 51 hectares. ZIOS is equipped with full range infrastructure to support the individual needs of future businesses.

ha total surface
ha available
minutes to Sibiu center
km to highway A1

Advantages for Investors

Ocna Sibiului Industrial Area is located in a central area of Romania, only 5 km away from the A1 motorway, 8 km from the Sibiu International Airport and 13 km from Sibiu.

The Location

ZIOS is located just two steps away from Sibiu in the highly dynamic and prosperous area of Transylvania in the heart of eastern Europe.

The local administration

ZIOS has the full support of the local administration, assisting the future residents in their development of the future undertakings. 

The Connection

ZIOS is connected only 7km to the international airport, 4km to the highway A1 and has its own freight depot connection on the property.

The Manpower

Sibiu is a city in constant growth, attracting students and young professionals. A great opportunity for companies to gain trained and motivated workforce. 



Polycontact AG is an innovative Swiss technology company based in Chur, providing innovative, high quality switching systems for the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1959, with the aim of producing micro switches. In 1968, after being taking over by German company ITT, Polycontact started producing DIN micro switches, and eventually it started building car sensors for the convertible roofs. Relocated from China, the factory located in Ocna Sibiului was inaugurated in January 2016. Polycontact Hermannstadt SRL currently employs over 80 people, but its target is to reach a team of 300 people, in the coming years.


The Collini Holding AG is one of the Top 5 European groups in the Surface Engineering industry. Besides the manufacturing unit which is planned to be built in Romania, în the Ocna Sibiului Industrial Area, the Austrian company operates 13 other factories, in six countries: Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Russia and Mexico.Headquartered in Hohenems, Austria, Collini Holding AG is a family-owned enterprise, proud of its 115 year-tradition. Within the Holding there are 13 individual companies, with a consoldidated turnover of 190 Mio. Euro. The Collini Group employs approximately 1,400 people at 13 locations. For the moment the Collini Holding AG has suspended their expansion plans in Romania. 


Pankas is a paving contractor with over 80 years of experience founded 1930 in Denmark. With its long lasting expertise Pankas provides the materials, the skills and the right knowledge to apply asphalt for private, commercial and public institutions. Pankas carries out all kinds of paving for customers all over Denmark. Since 2019 Pankas is one of the residents of ZIOS approaching the Romanian market too. Over the years Pankas has been engaged in everything from private entrances and residential roads to courtyards, port areas and airport sites. Regardless of the scope and type, Pankas’ approach is to provide a high level of quality and customer service. 


The biggest advantage of solar energy is that it is available in huge quantities, it is inexhaustible (at least for a few billion years) and organic. Solar power is not polluting and does not adversely affect the atmosphere. Considerring that the degradation of our planet is reaching ever higher levels, this issue is taken into account more seriously than ever.The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that by 2050, solarpower could become the main energy source in the world. Agency experts estimated that in the next ten years, solar energy will become commercially viable, and then overcome the economic parameters of traditional sources.

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