Infrastructure - The key to business prosperity

All listed infrastructure facilities are already installed and ready to be connected to the future residence of ZIOS.

Electricity Network

160 poles have been exchanged to secure a sufficient supply of electricity. Currently 4 MW are still available immediately. In less then 3 months the total capacity can be extended up to 12MW.

Gas Supply

Natural gas as well as transport gas is available at ZIOS. With up to 4.000 m³ ZIOS provides a comfortable gas supply.

Drinking water

10 l/s drinking is currently available at ZIOS. In case water for industrial use is necessary ZIOS has already installed a dwell and upon request provides the water values of the last sample conducted.

Rain Water Drainage

A generously designed underground water drainage system secures an efficient and reliable water discharge even during heavy rain.

Sewage Water

The sewage water pipes are designed to conduct the waste water of the entire industrial area to the sewage water plan.

Sewage Plant

The biological sewage water plant owned and maintained by ZIOS is currently able to handle biological waste of 500 people. If required it will be able to handle up to 2000 peoples waste.

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