Polycontact AG is an innovative Swiss technology company based in Chur, providing innovative, high quality switching systems for the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1959, with the aim of producing micro switches. In 1968, after being taking over by German company ITT, Polycontact started producing DIN micro switches, and eventually it started building car sensors for the convertible roofs.

Relocated from China, the factory located in Ocna Sibiului was inaugurated in January 2016. Polycontact Hermannstadt SRL currently employs over 80 people, but its target is to reach a team of 300 people, in the coming years.


The Collini Holding AG is one of the Top 5 European groups in the Surface Engineering industry. Besides the manufacturing unit which is planned to be built in Romania, în the Ocna Sibiului Industrial Area, the Austrian company operates 13 other factories, in six countries: Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Russia and Mexico.

The Collini Holding AG, with Headquarters in Hohenems, Austria, is a family-owned enterprise, proud of its 115 year-tradition. Within the Holding there are 13 individual companies. 2016 the consoldidated turn-over has been 190 Mio. Euro.The Collini Group employs approximately 1400 people at 13 locations.


The biggest advantage of solar energy is that it is available in huge quantities, it is inexhaustible (at least for a few billion years) and is organic. Solar power is not polluting and does not adversely affect the atmosphere. Considerring that the degradation of our planet is reaching ever higher levels, this issue is beginning to be taken into account more seriously than ever.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that by 2050, solar power could become the main energy source in the world. Agency experts estimated that in the next ten years, solar energy will become commercially viable, and then overcome the economic parameters of traditional sources.