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Zona Industrială Ocna Sibiului

About Us

51ha logistic and industrial area in the heart of Transilvania

Zona Industriala Ocna Sibiului – ZIOS is a 51ha sized logistics and industrial area located in Ocna Sibiului. With a high range of installed utilities and just two steps off the international highway A1 ZIOS offers a great opportunity for any company in the logistics, manufacturing and industrial field to expand their business.

Zona Industriala Ocna Sibiului offers a unique opportunity for local and foreign investors looking for an accessible and dynamic location with excellent infrastructure for a competitive price. The industrial area is located just 15 minutes outside of Sibiu City and has a total surface of 51 hectares. ZIOS is equipped with full range infrastructure to support the individual needs of future businesses.

Our Advantages

Excellent connection via highways, railways or plane, strong support by the local authorities and superior infrastructure

The Location

ZIOS is connected only 8km to the international airport, 5km to the highway A1 and has its own freight depot connection on the property.


total of 12MW electrical power, up to 4.000m3 gas supply, underground sewage and rain water canalisation and up to 10l/s drinking water

Local Support

ZIOS has the full support of the local administration, assisting the future companies in the development of their undertakings. 

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

Industries We Support!

With a thoroughly evaluation Of ZIOS and the region of Sibiu Pancas S/A has decided to develop their subsidiary  Inreco Bitumen Srl. at ZIOS. With a favourable location in the heart of the country and easy access to the highway  ZIOS offers an excellent foundation to expand Pancas’ business further.

With Polycontact Hermannstadt Srl. we are having a well known automotive supplier within our park. Skilled workforce, worthwhile location and support by the local authorities were just a few advantages for Polycontact Hermannstadt Srl. to choose ZIOS as their new HQ.

A 3.5 MW photovoltaic park is located within our industrial area which contributes to the renewable energy mix of Romania. We are content to offer a secure and profitable location for our energy partner and support the transformation to a more sustainable energy production.

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Our location with direct access to the international railway network, the close proximity to the highway and the airport, our already constructed and functioning utilities as well as the good relationship to the local authorities will also be worthwhile to your industry.  Get in touch and find out how we can support you.

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