Excellent Location with a Worthwhile Layout !

Our lot sizes start from 2.500m² and will have access to asphalt roads. Further, all parcels will be connected to the utility network which is already in place and functioning. 

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Road Connection

Zona Industriala Ocna Sibiului benefits from being located in the centre of Romania, and a almost direct access to the Highway A1 which is just 5km away. Further, Sibiu city center is located only 13km by car, to Bukarest the distance is 290km.

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Flight Connection

Zona Industriala Ocna Sibiului is just 8km from Sibiu International Airport away. With increasing routes the Sibiu Airport is providing very good national and international connections. Connecting your business to the world.

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Railway Connection

Besides the national and international network accessibility ZIOS benefits form a direct access to the Sibiu public transportation network. Rails for efficient un and uploading can be extended into the property.

Utility Supply

16 MW Electricity

160 poles have been exchanged to secure a sufficient supply of electricity. Currently 4 MW are still available immediately. In less than 3 months the total capacity can be extended up to 12MW.

10 l/s drinking water

Drinking water is available for all lots at ZIOS. Water for industrial use can be be provided through a dwell. Upon request we provide water values of the latest sample conducted.

4.000 m³/h transport gaz

Natural gas as well as transport gas is available at ZIOS. With up to 4.000 m³ ZIOS provides a comfortable gas supply even for gas intense industries.

Rain Water Drainage

A generously designed underground water drainage system secures an efficient and reliable water discharge even during heavy rain.

Sewage Water Plant

The biological sewage water plant owned and maintained by ZIOS is currently able to handle biological waste of 500 people. If required it will be able to handle up to 2000 peoples waste.

Sewage Water

The sewage water pipes are designed and constructed to conduct the waste water of the entire industrial area and lead it to the sewage water plan.

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